We’re on tour!

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Nothing beats the excitement of our stage. From behind the scenes, I can see the crowd, grooving to the band’s reverberating beats and electronic sounds. I hop from leg to leg, anxious to make my entrance into the intense beams of light and foggy haze. When I do, there is nothing like the energy and excitement from our fans. It swells up from the crowd, whipping me into a frenzy of ball-popping, kinetic delight. 

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I’m so excited to tell you that the Cocoa Foundation has begun rolling. As we tour, we are inviting pet charities to set up and represent their organizations to our Stick Figure community.  They collect donations and we sell Cocoa merch on their behalf. We kicked this off at our Philly show, benefiting PAWS, the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society.  They work hard to make shelters in the area no-kill and place lots of my new friends in safe homes. 

We’ve had so many cool charities as we moved through the country. One group, Good Karma, was recognized last year by Congress for working hard to rescue pets from Hurricane Harvey. These brave people went to Texas twice to bring over 50 animals back to Minnesota for healing and adoption. 


Of course, we are honoring our featured charity, Jessica’s Haven, at the February 3 show in Oakland California. Come get a reggae collar for your own pup or some Cocoa goods. Every purchase will benefit the Haven, which is a great place for a small doggie to hang, getting love, baths and treats from all kinds of differently-abled people. 


Love, nothing equals it -