Hello Everyone! Welcome to my blog.

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I’m humbled every day by the attention of Stick Figure fans. You guys are the best, bringing me all of my favorite stuffed animals and Slim Jims and loving me from the front row. I am one lucky dog. 


It’s that reason I started thinking that I was in a position to give back to all of the other animals who aren’t as lucky as me. Once, I was in a shelter and if Scott hadn’t been so persistent, I don’t know where I would be now. Like I said, I am really fortunate. Our website is going to feature a charity, like our first, Jessica’s Haven. People with disabilities, or as they say around the Haven, ‘special abilities’ work to care and socialize small dogs. Everyone gets encouragement, support and love. Read about it on our featured charity this month or at this link:


If you are an animal lover or even just a Stick Figure follower, please subscribe. We are going to talk about the fun stuff - life on the road with the boys and how it feels to be on stage with all of the marvelous energy of our fans. But we are also going to talk about how to help animals through the people and charities working so hard to make a difference. We can have an amazing effect on the outcome for other pets if we work together.