Photos: Slightly Stoopid, Stick Figure & Pepper @ Cocoa, FL - Altwire

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Slightly Stoopid have officially announced that “School’s Out For Summer” by kicking off a tour celebrating the release of their latest album “Everyday Life, Everyday People.” For this year’s tour, they’ve brought along  two very special guests, Stick Figure and Pepper.

For myself, a major highlight of this tour has been the awareness of the welfare of shelter and rescue pets, a cause brought to the forefront by Stick Figure who brought Cocoa The Tour Dog along ( for the tour. While the band lineup was truly epic, it was this 6 year old female Australian Shepherd who truly stole the show.

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Stick Figure Launches Cocoa the Tour Dog Charity

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Back in 2015, The Pier's Blake Taylor introduced us to Cocoa The Tour Dog and told the story of the bond between Stick Figure front-man Scott Woodruff and his rescue pet. Three years later, Cocoa still graces the stage with Stick Figure accepting gifts from fans and reveling in the lights and energy. She has a bigger mission, though.

Along with the help from her human counterparts, Cocoa and the Stick Figure family have launched an initiative to help homeless pets and pulled in their reggae community to help.

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Music and Animals!  - by Kirstie Jorgensen


Imagine my surprise and excitement when I got an invite to participate in two things I love the most, Music and Rescue Animals.  It gets even better when my friends rescue sent me the invite to my most favorite band, Stick Figure, and I learn that Scott woodruff (Lead Vocals/Guitar) and his dog Cocoa have started a foundation to help other homeless animals find homes.

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 In 2013, Scott found Cocoa in a shelter, a puppy that was found wandering the streets, she was transferred to SPCA in San Francisco, and Scott had to keep checking in every three days until she was ready for adoption. He drove hours to San Francisco to meet her.   He looked in her eyes and knew they were meant for each other.   Cocoa began a rock star life, going on tour, owning the stage, building a large fan base across the world.

In an article with The Pier Magazine in 2015 ( ), Scott eluded to the fact that he and Cocoa were in the early stages of starting a charity to help other homeless dogs.  They started the Cocoa Foundation. It is their way of giving a second chance to other animals in need of forever homes.

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 So, when my local rescue friend Rhonda Greenhalgh founder of Second Chance for Homeless Animals, asked if I would like to volunteer to represent them at the show, I was over the moon. I sold my tickets, gathered a few friends to help me and we were headed to the show.  It’s for the animals. My friends asked why I was working the show I had tickets to for months, I reply “It’s for the animals, and they come first.”

 I fell in love with Stick Figure even more, when I learned of the foundation and their efforts to help homeless animals find homes. Tommy Sulliman (Bass) explains it as “The goal, If we can get at least one animal adopted every show,” I would consider that a success. He also explains that Cocoa is a chill dog and is another member of the band, and that life on the road is waking up next to Cocoa on her back feet in the air, toy in her mouth.  

Each member of the band was so kind and humble, stopping by the table making sure we had what we needed. Cocoa made several appearances, getting water, treats, her toys, and gifts from fans, such as tie dyed bandanas and loves.

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Alex the merchandise manager donated several items to auction off for donations for the shelter. Fans love the Cocoa toys, collars and merchandise. They even auctioned off a Drum Top used in a previous show, signed. The highest bidder of the night, Mike Corrigan, was so happy to display his new stick Figure memorabilia, their dog, even happier to play with the stuffed toy. Together we raised $550.00 for the rescue. That will cover food and vaccinations for the animals in the facility. The exposure though, is priceless, for if it helps one animal get adopted, it’s a major success!

Second Chance for Homeless Animals, is located in Murray, Utah. A small rescue, they are celebrating their 17th year, and have helped over 580 animals find forever homes, and they offer low cost vaccinations for pets twice a year.